Kantar Shows Windows Phone Is Making Gains Across Europe, and Mexico

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Kantar World Panel have released their figures for the three months covering May June and July which has seen Windows Phone make some significant increases across most of Europe, as well as Mexico. The graph below shows how Windows Phone market share has performed in each market for the latest monthly quarter against the three months from April to June (last month) and the same three months a year ago (May-July 2012).


Markets which stand out as showing good gains are Mexico, at 12.5% up from 7% last month and 2% last year. Mexico is the only market covered by KWP which places Windows Phone in 2nd place, behind Android which has 60%. Blackberry is 3rd with 10% and iOS 4th with 9.2%. France also has seen Windows Phone increase 3% against last months figure, where it rose from 9% to 11%. This time last year it was at 3.6%. Germany and Great Britain saw increases, Germany grew from 5.9% in June ’13 to 8.8%, and up from 6.2% this time last year. Windows Phone now has 9.2% of the British market, up 0.6% on last month, but growing 5% against a year ago. The share in Australia has gone up to 7.4% against 5.3% last month and 4.6% a year ago.
Italy, which was at one point a highlight for Windows Phone in terms of market share has remained static compared to last month at 7.8%, and dropped from 8.3% last year.
The USA, a market Windows Phone are keen to gain traction in made a 0.5% gain against last year, scoring 3.5%, but this is down from 4% last month.
EU5 is an average of all five European markets, and this shows Windows Phone market share at 8.2%, compared to 6.9% last month and 4.9% last year.
China was the least successful market, dropping to 2.4% from 4.9% last month and 4.6% a year ago.

The whole report, against the other OS’s can be viewed below.


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